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within the next 5 years

by having 3 million in Property Loans!?

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Most People’s Financial Goal is to RETIRE DEBT-FREE before they turn 65 years old. Instead, You Can CHOOSE to NEVER WORK AGAINwithin the next 5 years! All that You need to do is Accumulate GOOD DEBTS of at least RM3 million via Property Investments.
Most Property Investors usually set a target of how many properties they want to ultimately own. Unfortunately, they never give any serious thought as to how much Bank Borrowings they should have. It’s not how many properties you own, but how much Bank Borrowings you have that determines how Fast you are able to NEVER WORK AGAIN. The More GOOD DEBTS You Have, The RICHER You Become! It’s as simple as that.
Property Wealth Mastery shows you why you must BORROW INTELLIGENTLY As Much As You Can … provided the Potential Returns are higher than the Borrowing Costs. In fact, you ought to Borrow Money even when you don’t need to!
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It will Completely Change Your Mindset towards Borrowing Money for Property Investments!


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23 Jan 20112:30pm – 4:30pmCititel Hotel, Mid Valley, KL

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I was always under the wrong impression that Borrowing Money was extremely risky. Hence, I hated debts and refused to borrow money for many years. This DVD completely changed my belief that Leveraging via Borrowing Money for Property Investments is actually Good Debts and not at all risky.
For example, servicing my home loan is far riskier as it depends on me and my husband抯 earning ability. However, in property investments, servicing the various loans does not depend on our income. Our Tenants are the Ones Paying Our Bank Loans. If anything happens to any one of them, we simply find another tenant!
~ Debbie Goh, Senior Marketing Manager
I thought I was doing pretty well with $1 million in property loans. After watching this DVD, I realized I could have done far better. My new goal is to accumulate $3 million in bank loans within the next two years. This will enable me to enjoy a Passive Income of over $10,000/month.
Once I achieve $3 million, I will aim for $5 million so that I can quit my job and live comfortably at the same time. My ultimate goal is to borrow $10 million within the next 10 years! Thanks Milan for Opening My Mind and showing me the possibilities.
~ Victor Yau, Oil and Gas Engineer
I have benefited tremendously from Milan抯 books and his empowering seminars. I have been able to shorten my learning curve by several years and achieve my financial goals much earlier. Had I ventured out on my own, I would have most certainly taken a much longer time as well as paid thousands of dollars in 搕uition fees? I only wish I had read his books and attended his seminar many years ago, when I first started investing.?
~ Lawrence Chan, Financial Consultant
This is the MOTHER of all Financial Seminars! I have attended several property seminars by other local authors & speakers ?none of them come close to this!! If you want to get Wealthy in the Shortest Possible Time, You Must Master Personal Money Management, Property & Stock Market Investments … all at the same time. This Fabulous Program has all these and much much more.
~ Abdul Malik, Management Consultant
How I wished I could have attended this program 22 years ago when I started working. I would have saved thousands of dollars by avoiding mistakes … which cost me Time and Money. My Net Worth would be many times more than what it is today. This seminar gave me Powerful Skills to be a Successful Property and Stock Market Investor.
~ Capt Abdul Rashid, Airline Pilot
This is the most practical and beneficial seminar I have ever attended on Personal Financial Planning and Investments. My only regret is that I should have attended this seminar 10 years earlier – otherwise I would not have to work till 10:30 pm on most nights. I strongly recommend this course to everyone. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
~ Lee CT, Associate Director, Head Hunting Firm